Grants for Christian books in your community

  1. Books & DVDs for churches

    Help your visitors to understand and grow in the Christian faith.  Grants available for toddler groups, junior church, youth groups or general church library use.

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  2. Books & DVDs for public libraries

    We can help you stock books your community want to read: half the UK population say ther are Christian. Grants available for Christian biographies, novels, books about the Christian faith, children’s books and large-print books.
    Private libraries (eg those attached to a conference or retreat centre) can also apply.

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    Public Libraries

  3. Books & DVDs for schools

    Help children learn epic Bible stories and meet heroes of the Christian faith. Grants available for pre-school, primary, secondary, lower, middle and upper schools, FE colleges and universities.

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  4. Books & DVDs for prisons

    Give detainees access to advice on life's difficult issues, ex-offenders' biographies and books to help them understand the Bible and the Christian faith.  We welcome applications from prison libraries, chaplaincy libraries, young offenders institutes, youth offenders institutes, immigration detention centres and other secure units.

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  5. Books & DVDs for hospitals and hospices

    Support people who are anxious or grieving with books which offer comfort and Christian perspecives on suffering and life after death. Grants available for both adult and children’s books and DVDs, for general use or in the Chaplaincy area.

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    Hospitals and Hospices

  6. Books & DVDs for residential and care homes

    Share uplifting stories, biographies and simple explanations of the Christian faith with people living in care.  Grants available for all types of adult and children's care homes, women's refuges, treatment centres, day care centres, sheltered housing etc.

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    Care Homes

...or anywhere a book or DVD can be borrowed

Anyone can apply for a grant: we just ask that books and DVDs are placed where they can be borrowed and enjoyed by lots of people.


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How Speaking Volumes works

Speaking Volumes is part of a registered charity Christian Book Promotion Trust. We offer grant funding for book purchases for placement in in community libraries, schools, prisons, hospices and community venues. Full process explained


*Free bookmarks, book plates and book protectors

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