Buying from your local bookshop

  1. We’d encourage you to buy your books and DVDs at your local Christian bookshop, wherever possible.

  2. We want them to stay on the high street - and we’re sure you do too.

  3. Here is a shop locator to help you find your nearest participating book retailer.

  4. Don’t worry if your nearest bookshop is not on the map: they may still be able to help you.

  5. The bookshop may offer you a further 15% discount, subject to their discretion.

  6. * You can use this discount to reduce the cost of your order or to buy extra books. Many bookshops will be able to arrange for your books and DVDs to be delivered to you.*

  7. If you cannot order from your local bookshop, visit which stocks all the books and DVDs on our list.

  8. *Any bookshop that has an account with CLC Wholesale offers this service.