In 2018 we gave 195 grants worth between £150-£1000 to libraries and schools across the UK and abroad . The demand for good Christian books is huge. We receive grant requests totalling more than twice as much as we are able to give. With more funds, we know we could have even greater impact. You could help us by donating today. All of our core costs are underwritten by Andrews Property Group so everything you donate goes toward grants.

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What grants for Christian books to libraries and schools achieve:


We use Christian bookshops local to the applicant to supply the books, helping them to continue to offer Christian books in their community. You can mention a specific grant application with your donation.


We also accept cheques in the post, if you wish us to claim gift aid, download the form here and send with your cheque to Speaking Volumes, 1 Bar Lane Cottages, Newton Road, Whittlesford, Cambridge, CB224PE

What people said

  1. “Staff at a Women’s Refuge said the children particularly had engaged with the books. Many had never read a Bible story before.”

  2. “A women’s prison chaplaincy said they regularly received positive feedback from inmates reading our books and frequent comments that readers felt as if the books were ‘written just for them’.”

  3. “Three schools told us the books had been a real help to children grieving the loss of a parent or another close family member.”