Funding guidelines

Funding guidelines

The process


We offer grant funding for books and DVDs on the Christian faith for placing anywhere they can be borrowed and enjoyed. Anyone can apply, whether you’re a public library, school, prison, hospice or church. You could be an individual or a group who want to make a gift of the books to a library in your community.  


Currently, we will consider grants of up to £1,000 per library.  Please use this as a limit not a target. We have many applications and the more reasonable your request is, the more likely you will succeed. Read our selection criteria below to understand how we prioritise grant funding.


There are two grant rounds per year and are advertised on our home page. Please do not apply outside of these dates as your application will not be considered. Due to demand we are now offering grants on a first come basis so put your application in as soon as possible during that period.


Once your application has been successful, please buy your books and DVDs from your nearest Christian bookshop. They can supply all of the items on our list and if necessary, can arrange delivery to your door. 


Your chosen books and DVDs are not always available so please understand that you may be asked by the bookshop to suggest some alternatives from our website.


You do not need to pay any money - the bookshop will send the invoice to us directly to pay.


After the books are placed in a library we require a picture of your borrowers using the books or a letter to acknowledge that the books are being used.  We also require you to respond to a survey that will be sent  a year later.   


The Conditions


  1. Books and DVDs must not be re-sold or used as gifts to individuals. They must be placed where they can be borrowed and enjoyed by a wide readership.
  2. Your chosen library must agree to receive the books and DVDs before you submit your application.
  3. You may apply for more than one library at a time but need to make a seperate application each time.
  4.  We consider grants up to £1000 however, this is rarely achieved due to the demand for grants. 
  5. Please be realistic about how many books your chosen library can accommodate and use. For example, we would not expect a playgroup of 30 children to request £1,000 funding.  This will help avoid disappointment. See our selection criteria below for further guidance.
  6. We regret that we can only consider grants for libraries abroad if you can arrange the shipping. We recommend books are included in hand luggage or baggage allowance of an individual visiting you from the UK.
  7. Incomplete applications cannot be considered. If we need to contact you to clarify anything, this may delay your application.
  8. You must provide proof that your books have been placed in a library as soon as they are in place.  A picture of them being used or a letter of acknowledgement would be suitable.  These may be used in publicity so please let us know if we have permission to do so.
  9. Even if you meet all the conditions for applying for a grant, there is no guarantee your grant will be approved.  Please do not buy books and DVDs before we let you know whether or not your application has been successful.
  10. The decision of the board of trustees is final.
  11. If you received information about the Speaking Volumes grant from a local Christian bookshop please buy your books and DVDs through that bookshop.They benefit from your purchase.  
  12. We understand that the books and DVDs you finally select may not match your original selection exactly. If, for example titles are out of stock at your selected vendor, please feel free to replace them with an alternative title from our book and DVD list. 
  13. If you are unsuccessful in your application you may apply for the next round.
  14. If you have been successful in your application please do not re-apply for a grant within three years, unless you are applying for different libraries or from somewhere where the turnover of books is rapid such as in a prison chaplaincy library.


Our selection Criteria


We would love to offer a grant to everyone but sadly demand currently outstripes supply. We are now therefore offering grants on a first come basis.  In addition we apply the following criteria:


First priority: 

(guideline amount to apply for £600-800)

Public and prison libraries, refuges, hostels, care homes and other libraries where there is great need.


Second priority: 

(guideline amount to apply for £150-250)

All schools including playgroups and nurseries. 

Repeat applications where book turnover is high such as prisons and women's refuges


Third priority: 

(guideline amount to apply for £100)

Libraries in churches, Toddler groups, Placements abroad. In some situations these will be considered a first priority depending on how you can demonstrate public benefit.