Grants for christian books in your community

2020 grant funding rounds (now awarded on a first come basis due to demand)


Round 1

Receiving applications: 15th February to 14th April. Decisions notified: 15th May

Round 2

Receiving applications: 1st September – 27th October. Decisions notified: 24th November


Note that you must only browse the books but not submit an application outside of these dates. This is because we update the booklist during closed times. Applications outside of this period will not be considered. Visit guidelines for further details.

  1. Books & DVDs for churches

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  2. Books & DVDs for public libraries

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    Public libraries

  3. Books & DVDs for schools

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  4. Books & DVDs for prisons

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  5. Books & DVDs for hospitals and hospices

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    Hospitals and hospices

  6. Books & DVDs for residential and care homes

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    Care homes

...or anywhere a book or DVD can be borrowed

Anyone can apply for a grant: we just ask that books and DVDs are placed where they can be borrowed and enjoyed by lots of people.




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How Speaking Volumes works

We offer grant funding for books and DVDs on the Christian faith for placing anywhere they can be borrowed and enjoyed. Our panel of experts select suitable books from all christian publishers.

Simply select your books and DVDs for your chosen library and apply for up to £1,000 per placement.  We'll let you know our decision after our next meeting and discuss the best way to make your purchase.View funding guidelines


*Free bookmarks, book plates and book protectors

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